Professional Tax Preparation Services

Heacock & Company Online Tax Preparation Services

This video outlines the basic reasons why Heacock + Company created a streamlined online tax preparation system for individuals and small businesses.

Using this system, Heacock + Company has established an affordable approach to preparing your taxes while minimizing the paperwork and simplifying the process.

Paperless Approach to Tax Preparation

In this video, David Heacock explains how the complexities of the Affordable Care Act have resulted in the need for more people to seek professional accounting services.

Heacock + Company has developed a streamlined process to gain efficiencies and reduce the cost of tax preparation services for individuals and small businesses.

Becoming A Client

  1. Contact us by telephone or email
  2. We will email you with a link to upload your prior year’s federal and state tax returns
  3. We will call you to make sure we understand your current tax situation

Preparing Your Return

  1. In January we will mail you a tax return checklist
  2. Review the checklist and upload or mail your W-2 and other tax documents
  3. We will email or call you with any additional questions

Delivering the Return

  1. We will email a draft copy of your return and the e-file authorization form
  2. We will mail you the e-file signature form and an invoice
  3. Review your return, sign and upload or mail the e-file authorization, and pay the invoice
  4. We will e-file your return and upload the final copy of your return

Individual Tax Preparation Price List

Basic Tax Return Federal and One State - $200
This basic return package includes the following:
  • W-2 wages
  • Interest & Dividends
  • Unemployment Income
  • Child Credit
  • Extension (if necessary)
  • 1099R Pension income
  • Student Loan Deduction
  • Social Security
  • Earned Income credit
  • E-Filing federal and state
  • Tax planning consultations by phone are available May to December at no additional cost.

Additional Dependent Child’s Return - $100

Additional Forms

  • Schedule D (Capital Gain / Losses) - $25
  • Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) - $50
  • Health Insurance Credit or Penalty - $50
  • IRA Contribution - $25
  • Child Dependent Care Credit - $25
  • Tuition Credit or Deduction - $25
  • Additional States (Multi-State Return) - $50

For all returns with sole proprietor business, rental or partnership income, other forms, other income, or credits we will provide a fee quote before beginning your return.